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Frequently Asked Questions

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Low down payment options and flexible credit requirements make the FHA loan program an ideal choice for many first-time buyers.


Designed to benefit the brave men and women in our military, Veteran Assistance loans, also known as VA Mortgages, are a great route to homeownership.


Known as the standard in loan programs, conventional loans are designed to help home buyers find their ideal mortgage plan with simplicity.



Buying a home in a USDA-eligible area affords you special down payment and credit requirements for your loan.


Jumbo home financing allows buyers to buy homes outside of the standard conventional loan limits with similar mortgage options.

TRU Offer

In today’s market, a mortgage pre-approval is simply ordinary, but a TRU Offer stands out. Offers backed by TRU Offer are fully credit, income, and asset underwritten and approved, so you can feel confident that your offer will get noticed when you find your dream home.

Temporary Buydown

Our 2-1 Buydown and 3-2-1 Buydown programs help you reduce your interest rate — and lower your monthly housing payment — in the first two to three years of your loan!

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