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Finding a Colorado Springs Mortgage Banker

Your Customers Matter to Us

Each borrower is different with each having unique requirements and situations. That is why we work with your clients individually to ensure their mortgage is the best for their needs.

"Rich, you were awesome to work with. Not only did you go above and beyond when answering our mortgage/finance questions, you took the time to answer general questions I had about the area and gave me straight forward answers. Thanks for making me feel comfortable when speaking to you and not just making this a business transaction." - The Trevino Family

Customer-Focused Technology

Our technology platform is designed to create a great customer experience. Our proprietary Connect portal powers an online experience that our customers love. Our HomeScout® application provides 100% of MLS listings through a mobile platform that can be co-branded with trusted real estate partners like you.

Our tech systems help us to efficiently conduct our business and be fast when it counts. You will see a difference in PenTrust Mortgage because we care about:

Local Processing

We work closely with both loan officers and borrower locally to ensure strong underwriting, leading to smooth closings.

Solid Underwriting

Highly trained and qualified, our staff of originators and underwriters support clear, consistent communication and decision-making as well as utilize state-of-the-art automation technologies.

Simple Appraisals

Our managers know who the best appraisers are, so we keep it simple, assigning appraisals within 24 hours. Appraisal Shield is a software tool we use to streamline the appraisal process for better communication, compliance, and efficiency.

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