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Denver Nuggets

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Golf, biking and walking

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Tulum, Mexico

I have spent the last 33+ years serving others, helping the new to the most experienced home buyers acquire the biggest asset they will have in their lifetime: their home…the home where laughter and happiness can be seen and heard; the home where love, hope and joy are created and shared among those who live and visit; the home where all feel safe and protected from the day to day difficulties we all experience.

For some, the journey to home ownership can be short and sweet; while for others, it can feel arduous and taxing. One thing is certain about that journey—from the beginning of the process to true home ownership is a journey you want to remember with warm memories. When it comes to home financing, finding the right guide to help you on this journey is just as important as finding the right home and home mortgage.

I offer you my experience, honesty and integrity. I have an unending passion for helping and serving others and will guide you through the entire journey. You have my word that you’ll be proud of your decision to work with me, just as thousands of customers have done over the course of the last 33+ years. Thank you in advance for trusting me with one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make.



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