Five Great Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs, Colorado is widely regarded as one of the most desirable places to live. With stunning mountain views just down the highway from Denver, Colorado Springs is a great place for people looking for a low cost of living and low unemployment rate. If you’re thinking of moving to Colorado Springs, where should you buy? Here’s a list of five great neighborhoods in Colorado Springs.

The Broadmoor

Located near the historic Broadmoor Hotel, the Broadmoor neighborhood offers a selection of good-sized homes with large backyards. If you’re looking for a turnkey house, you can also find a selection of new construction in this area. Home prices tend to be higher than other areas in Colorado Springs, since this area is close to the Broadmoor and homes are often larger.


Buyers looking in the Briargate neighborhood can choose from homes built in the 1980’s to the 2000’s or new builds. With nearby amenities like a shopping mall and a variety of stores, residents appreciate Briargate’s convenient location.

Old Colorado City

This neighborhood’s history is steeped in the Wild West, as it was founded during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush. Nowadays, the neighborhood is known for its charming boutiques and restaurants. Buyers looking in this area will find both historic homes and modern, upgraded houses.

Woodland Park

If you’re interested in finding a home with that mountain look, Woodland Park might be the neighborhood for you. Most of the houses in this area are single-family homes, so don’t expect many condominiums or townhouses. Because this neighborhood is a bit farther from Colorado Springs, your commute could be longer than if you choose a home closer to the city.

Manitou Springs

Just four miles from Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs is a quintessential Colorado town. Residents love the area’s unique feel and proximity to the mountains. With local shops and restaurants, Manitou Springs draws a lot of tourists, so it’s important to take that into consideration.

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